Wednesday, March 02, 2016

#91 - Prepping to return to work

So here I am letting my helper take care of baby while I'm free to surf the net and even update my blog.

Kaylor doesn't seem to adjust well to my in law's place for the moment. Not drinking milk, not easy to put down for nap. I can only hope it's temporary and will get better with time.

It's taking all of me not to jump in and carry her now.

Plus with another little one at home, the family seems to be taking turn falling sick. I'm praying and praying that it doesn't spread to Kaylor. Am hoping my breastmilk can do miracles but I know that it's not a cure all either. I can only expose myself to whatever virus there is and continue pumping and cross fingers that it will prevent the viruses from spreading to her / give her the antibodies through my BM. Oh. And make both hubby and myself, and even my helper take a daily 1000mg dosage of vitamin c too so we won't fall sick. Plus ensure that everyone who wanna touch / carry Kaylor sanitize their hands.

I know I'm kiasu but I prefer to think that I'm just another totally normal mum.

I dunno how this can get better when I'm back to work on 1 April. But I can only conclude that this is so hard... :(

Trust me. Eye power doesn't entice me at all. I would so very much prefer to jump in to carry her n do everything I have to do. But for everyone's sake (doesn't feel like it's for me at the moment), I have to let Kaylor adjust to her caregivers over the weekdays. The adjustment starts today 😩