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Hello everyone :)

Thanks for visiting my lifestyle, health and fitness blog.

I know a brief description about me can be found at my blog's main page.. So you probably already know I'm an aspiring Singapore lifestyle, health and fitness blogger.

Why aspiring? 

I'm new to this blogging scene and just hope that I'm able to share useful information with people at the moment. So technically, not really a professional or full-fledged blogger as of now :)

Also.. why this blog?

I guess the picture says it all. The above was me in early 2012, the below was me in 2013.

It has been a pretty long journey to a healthier me, and there was a lot I've learnt over the last 2 year plus. It has never been my original intention to become healthier or to fall in love with exercising and clean eating. In fact, I'm none of the above before my boyfriend (now husband) proposed. I was determined to slim down, lose weight and look great for my wedding but I didn't want to diet or starve my way to it. So I managed to slim down through a variety of healthy ways and have never looked back since.

After learning so much, through reading plenty of health, fitness and healthy living websites, i'll just like to share with interested readers how I did it and hope it can inspire some of you to embark on this journey too. It's not that daunting really. It just takes time, effort and determination. There's no quick fix to it. But trust me, it's a really satisfying journey to embark on!

In the meantime though, I'm going through quite an exciting period in my life, having just gotten the keys to our very own home in April. I've been really looking forward to having a home we can call our own, so for the moment, my renovation journey will take centre stage in this blog.

The other reason is because I've been actively sharing my renovation journey in the renotalk t-blog page that can be found over here. I'm trying to consolidate all the things I've learnt throughout my renovation journey here and make it easier for other new homeowners to read and learn more. Once i'm done with migrating my posts over, I'll start the rest of my health and fitness posts proper. So bear with me on that!

Okay, it's a pretty lengthy introduction. Hope I am able to share useful information with everyone and  I look forward to friendly exchanges of health and fitness related information going forward.

To reach me, feel free to email me at contactme@guojiawen.com or simply post a comment and I'll reply from there.


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